About Dancing

" Throughout history, people have danced as part of religious rituals and social celebrations. It is traceable through many prehistoric documents." Wikipedia

Of the many peoples in the world, there seems to exist a form of dancing within their culture. Dancing can be traced back to the Greek civilisation and beyond. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, likened it to 'poetry', as the dancers were admired for the way in which they could express 'passions and actions'.
Dancing has been used in many ways throughout history; as a way to record events - a visual encyclopedia, a celebration of life, as a spectacle or carnival, as a way to express emotions, and of course, as a means of pure enjoyment.

Dancing, in its many forms, has been effected by historical events and has evolved as a result. Today there are so many forms of dancing that it can be difficult to choose which way to go! However it is testimony to the power of dance, that in today's modern, stressful world, where people rush around trying to manage jobs and families, that dancing remains so popular. Long may it continue to be so!


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