Bank to Bank Transfer

Online payments now available 



Bank to bank payments:

Formation Team payments:
Please use "FT/" with your Surname as reference when making payment through your bank for example:
i.e. Form-T / Another.  [this should be the name of the applicant on the form and not the name of 
your business or bank account.
You should contact the British Dance Council office by email to advise of your payment
 secretary@britishdancecouncil.comif paying bank to bank.

No Formation Team will be registered until the completed form has been received at the BDC office 
with the correct fee.

Please ensure you send your completed form to

1. The British Dance Council office: 240 Merton Road, South Wimbledon, London, SW19 1EQ,

2. Scan and email to

Contact your bank and request that the payment be sent to:

S/c:  20-96-89
A/c:  70413518

British Dance Council
Barclays Bank plc, Wimbledon Business Centre,
P.O. Box No. 850, Barclays House , 8 Alexandra Road, Wimbledon,
London SW19 7LA

When making your payment.
•     Payments by this method are at your own risk and you are strongly advised to send an email to 
notify the BDC office of your payment.

CHEQUES: Please note that we no longer accept cheques. 



Please note all fees are due in advance for each application and are due yearly. These fees are non-refundable.

Any refunds will be made at the discretion of the British Dance Council.

Applicants will be informed by email or post.


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