Do competitors need to register with the British Dance Council?


All amateur competitors above beginner grade if entering competitions run under British Dance Council rules must register with the British Dance Council. The BDC Rules are available on the publications and Leaflets page.

You may choose to be a member of any other Organisation, however, you must obtain a licence registration with the British Dance Council. 

All professional competitors in Great Britain must register with the British Dance Council.

Registration forms are available on the forms page. 

Where can I obtain a copy of the BDC Rulebook?


The BDC Rulebook is available to download on our publications page.

Can you tell me the age categories to register as an amateur competitor?


Juvenile – Under 12 years, Junior – Between 12 and 15 years, Adult – 16 years and over

To enter CLOSED Competitions and Championships?


BDC Rule 32

British Dance Council rules find in the Publications and Leaflets .

I would like a career in dance teaching but I have no qualifications, where do I start?


Contact some of the dance Teacher Organisations listed on our website page – About Dance

Can I dance in competitions for medallists only?


Yes, you can dance in medallists competitions only. You do not need to register if you are only participating in medallists only competitions.

I took my dance teaching qualifications some years ago and now wish to take up amateur dancing can you advise if this is possible?


You will need to write to the BDC office explaining the situation, giving details of when you last taught and the matter will be considered and you will be advised of what action to take. The same applies if you are a professional competitor and wish to return to amateur status.

Registration, when can I register as an amateur?


You can register immediately for amateur competitions. All registration forms are available on our forms page. 

I want to apply to become an adjudicator is there a form to complete?


Yes, the BDC adjudicator application form  is on our Forms Page. 

Freestyle adjudicators must be over 21 yrs for competitions and over 25 yrs for competitions and championships, use the same adjudicator form on our Forms Page to apply.

Can a child go up to the next age group once they have registered as an amateur?


Yes simply inform the BDC office and this will be amended . Please be aware that if a competitor goes up a category they cannot go down again.

Scrutineering, I am interested in taking the BDC scrutineer examination can you give me an idea of how to go about this please.?


The BDC Scrutineer examination comes in two forms, the one dance examination and the Full dance examination.You should study the Skating System available from the BDC office the fee is £5.00 including UK postage.

If you are ready to take the examination please write to the BDC giving the name of your invigilator and include the fee. The current fee is available by contacting the Company Secretary.

Where can I get Charts of Championships dances?


Charts of Championship dances are obtainable from each Teaching Organisation or from

I have my own dance school and wish to enter the children into Freestyle competitions, I understand that I can obtain status cards from the BDC?


Status cards are available from the BDC office. Complete the Freestyle Dance school registration form and the block Freestyle status card form. 

What should I do if I have a complaint


Full detals of the BDC complaints procedure can be found on the Contact Us page of this website

I am thinking of entering my formation team in a competition, do I need to contact the BDC regarding this?


All Formation Team names must be registered with the BDC. The form is available on the Forms Page of our website. 

When is the next BDC Inventive Dance Comptition?


The next BDC inventive dance competition will be on the first Sunday in August.

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