History of the BDC and WDC



History of the Official Board of Ballroom Dancing
(BDC) and the setting up of the lnternational Council
of Ballroom Dancing (WDC)


Today’s British Dance Council was formed in 1929 under the name of The Official Board of Ballroom Dancing, The Chairman at the time of its
inauguration was Mr. Philip J S Richardson, OBE. It was formed as the governing body representing Dance Teachers’ organisations in Great Britain.

Today’s World Dance Council was formed in 1950 under the name of International Council of Ballroom Dancing (ICBD). A meeting was called by
the Official Board of Ballroom Dancing and held during a dance congress in Edinburgh, Scotland on the 22nd September 1950. This new council became
the international body of dance teachers, with Mr. Philip J S Richardson, OBE as chairman, and Arthur Franks as honorary secretary. The prime movers of
the formation of this new council were, as well as the above, Mr. Alex Moore MBE, Great Britain, Mr. Mickey Powell, Australia, Gerd Heidrich, Germany, Kai
Jensen, Denmark, Thomas Bus, Holland, and Mr. George Fujimura, Japan amongst others. All inspirational and respected leaders and generals of their
day who exhumed harmony and experience to nurture competitive dancing throughout the world. The ICBD assumed the responsibility of
approving World Championships. Its founding members were Australia, Austria, Belgium, Ceylon, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland,
Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, South Africa, and Switzerland.

Today, both councils work in harmony and respect for each other. The WDC is available for any advice and help to its member bodies requests,
it grants World, European and other titles worldwide. The BDC oversees all Competitions and Championships organised in Great
Britain, including the very prestigious British, United Kingdom and International Championships, where permission is granted, on application to
the board of its directors.

The understanding these councils have formed over the last 71 years has helped ensure our wonderful World of Competitive dancing continues to
flourish to everyone’s benefit.

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