The Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee was created to ensure that the British dancing industry is accepting every dancer, no matter what their gender, sexual orientation, race, age, or if they suffer any disabilities. Discrimination has no place in the British dancing industry. The BDC wishes to ensure that otherwise marginalised people have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the benefits of a life in dancing.

Chair/Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Officer: Malcolm Hill

Members: Christopher Hawkins (President), Mark Lunn (Vice President), Cora-Ann Leonard, Jaime Dieguez

Current Invitees: UKEDC Chair, Black in the Ballroom – Director, Paradance – Director

Robin Short

Nigel Horrocks

Jan Williams

Gillian Mackenzie

Anne Lingard

Antony Hurley

Lorna Lee-Stylianos

Robert Grover

Len Armstong

Bryan Allen

Michael Williams

Kenny Welsh

Tracey Walters

David Trueman

Hannah Trever

Yvonne Saunders

David Roberts

Margaret Redmond

Sean Perry

Philip Perry

Carol Perry

Nicola Nordin

Hilary Mouat

Cora Ann Leonard

Anna Henrich-Jones

Malcolm Hill

Morgan Hemphill

Natalie Hayes

Krystof Grzelak

Antonio Franchitti

Mark Elsbury

Colin Donaldson

Philip Diment

Jaime Dieguez

Frances Dawson

Howard Cookson

Michael Conway

Warren Brown

Warren Boyce

Joanne Blackshaw

Robert Aldred

Mark Lunn

Christopher Hawkins