British Dance Council Rule Book

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Amendments included in the rulebook at 3rd March 2019 click to downland

You will find in the rulebook the new Juvenile Dress Rules these commence from 1st January 2019 to download the Juvenile Dress Rules Click here to download a copy

ILLUSTRATONS OF NEW DRESS RULES from 1st January 2019 Click here to download a copy

Dance Teachers Handbook - New edition

Re-issued by the British Dance Council updated from the original by Lyndon Wainwright
Latest publication by the British Dance Council Dance Teachers Committee
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Due to the world wide Coronavirus (COVID-19) many events are postponed until hopefully later in the year. The following emergency ruling will stand for any events affected by the government closure enabling the events to be migrated if the organiser wishes.

Age Groupings -

In effect from March 20th 2020 until UK Government restrictions are lifted

With the compulsory closure of venues within the United Kingdom the following will apply to any postponed events which are run under British Dance Council Rules, if requested by the organiser. ( This ruling applies only to Ballroom/Latin American/Classical Sequence events - Information regarding Freestyle events to follow)

Any event that is migrated to a new date within 2020 only, competitors may, if applicable dance in the age grouping of either the original date of the event in question or their new age grouping on the rescheduled date. In order for this to be permitted they must have entered the event as the same couple at the time of postponement, the organisers must request this ruling by letter, thus enabling this to be sanctioned by the British Dance Council. Competitors may only dance one age group on any day.


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